The Montgomery Canal Restoration Appeal is being managed by the Appeal Steering Group on behalf of:-

The Friends of the Montgomery Canal, registered charity number 510448.

Shropshire Union Canal Society, registered charity number 245875.

IWA, Shrewsbury District & North Wales branch, registered charity number 212342

Restore the Montgomery Canal!

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All waterways are important for wildlife and part of the canal restoration will include several areas reserved to provide a special habitat for plants and animals. Already established is the Aston Nature Reserve adjacent to the Aston Locks at Queen’s Head where otters are often seen.

In the spring the towpaths, particularly between Rednal and Frankton, are lined with masses of bright yellow iris.

Spring is also a good time to spot dragonflies.  In addition to the numerous blue damselflies there are two main types of dragonfly to look out for.

The broad-bodied chaser.

The male is blue and the female brown.

Not quite so common is the larger and slimmer hawker.

Harmless grass snakes may be found in the long grass at the towpath edge. They are also at home in the water.

There are of course many different kinds of birds to look out for. A particular favourite is the grey wagtail. These nest in canal side structures such as lock gates and can often be seen hovering over the water catching insects.

Your donation would help preserve and extend this important wildlife habitat as part of the canal restoration..

Small freshwater mussels are sometimes found growing on the walls of locks.

The much larger swan mussel lives in the canal bed.  They are food for herons and the discarded shells are often found canalside.