The Montgomery Canal Restoration Appeal is being managed by the Appeal Steering Group on behalf of:-

The Friends of the Montgomery Canal, registered charity number 510448.

Shropshire Union Canal Society, registered charity number 245875.

IWA, Shrewsbury District & North Wales branch, registered charity number 212342

Restore the Montgomery Canal!

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Previous Winners:

2008 - The Buss Family from Chester

2010 - Hilary & Mike Bibb from Banwell

2012 - Susan Moden from Aylesbury

2014 - Sue Russell from Church Minshull

2016 - Susan Wilding from Shrewsbury




Shaun Fisher

The marks this year have been particularly high with everyone getting over 35 out of 40 correct.  And for the first time the tie-breaker question has had to be used to decide the winner with 3 tying at the top (Shaun Fisher, Brian Lewis and Andrew & Alison Smith).  As two out of the three are known to the judge their tie-breaker questions have been sent anonymously to the 'Restore the Montgomery Canal Campaign' committee for a vote.

Several half marks were lost because some of the Monty's were not given their full title: Monty Don needed to be distinguished from Monty the Penguin or even Monty Mole!  Just plain Monty was not good enough for full marks.

Q9 New Plymouth is above this shawl:  the clue is in the shawl - Mount Egmont might  be above New Plymouth but has little to do with a shawl.

The winning  tie-breaker:

There's less to this venue than meets the eye, at least a king would think so

As it will be part of the next quiz you will have to wait for the answer.

Thank you all for taking part

Just to remind you the judge’s decision is right even when wrong!

Back by popular demand this quiz has used the tie-breaker questions from 2016.

Quiz sheets for this very popular bi-annual quiz are now available.  Apart from the prestige of winning the coveted title of Brain of Monty 2018 you could also win the £25 prize.  Every question has MONT in the answer somewhere, for example a ‘Swashbuckling hero’ is the Count of Monte Cristo.  Easy?  Why not give it a go? For just £1 you could have hours of fun working out the MONT answers.

The winner will be announced on the  on this web-site on 30th June 2018.  So you have plenty of time to ask family and friends for help.  Answers will be posted on this web-site after this date.

Brain of Monty


Pen-y-Garreg Lane




SY10 8JS

Monty says: dandie dinmont

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