The Montgomery Canal Restoration Appeal is being managed by the Appeal Steering Group on behalf of:-

The Friends of the Montgomery Canal, registered charity number 510448.

Shropshire Union Canal Society, registered charity number 245875.

IWA, Shrewsbury District & North Wales branch, registered charity number 212342

Restore the Montgomery Canal!

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We’re raising 2 miles of £2 coins for £250,000 to help the restoration.  

With Gift Aid your £2 would be worth £2.50.


Please make a donation to provide us with the funds the volunteers need to continue their work. You can either:-


           We very much hope you will do so on a monthly basis. May we suggest a minimum amount of £5 a                    month?  If you would like to be kept in touch with our progress, then please provide your email or other               details.


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Into this

With your help volunteers could turn this

Local Giving

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As a charity, we rely a lot on voluntary donations to enable us to continue with the restoration of the Montgomery Canal. Some people choose to make a single donation. Others make regular monthly payments – which enable us to plan ahead knowing what our income will be.

Some people are kind enough to nominate the Montgomery Canal in their Will. Such sums can be substantial and can enable inheritance tax bills to be reduced. In a period when money from public sources is hard to get and when such funders have extra topics they want covered, legacies are especially valuable as they can be spent directly on restoration works. In some cases, legacies can help to provide the match funding which public funders often seek.

The Restoration has always had support from fantastic groups of volunteers. But we still need to pay for materials and the hire of equipment.

When making a Will, there are different types of gift you can make

·         A specific sum of money – a lump sum

·         The whole – or a % - of your assets, after other gifts and expenses have been paid.

·         A particular item, such as jewellery, shares or a piece of land

If you consider making a gift in your Will, we recommend you speak to your solicitor or other advisers to ensure the wording is right so that your gift is used as you intend

Further information can be obtained from – and gifts should be payable to

Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust (charity number 510488)

26 Bentley Drive



SY11 1TQ

Or email to