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Brain of Monty Quiz 2020

Yes it's back! So once again you can have hours of fun deciphering the MONTY clues - however there is a change this year as numbers 18 and 32 have MONT in the question rather than the answer; but remember if not in the question then MONT must appear in the answer - confusing? Well don't blame me as I have only used the tie-breaker questions from 2018. Not sure why a couple of people got it the wrong way round.

Apart from the prestige of winning the coveted title of 'Brain of Monty 2020' for which you will need perfect vision, you could also win the £25 prize, all for just £1. Why not give it a go and join the elite group of 'Brain of Monty' enthusiasts? The proceeds will go towards the restoration of the two miles of the Montgomery Canal from Crickheath to Llanymynech as part of the RESTORE THE MONTGOMERY CANAL! appeal.

The winner will be announced in December on this website.


Are you willing to sell copies of the quiz? It would be fantastic if every member of the Branch could buy/sell just 5 copies. If you are willing please send:

From past experience £1 coins travel easily through the post, suitably wrapped. However notes and cheques are far safer.

Cheques should be made payable to: Restore the Montgomery Canal and sent to:

Brain of Monty Quiz, Wyndcliff, Pen-y-Garreg Lane, Pant, Oswestry, SY10 8JS

Yes we really do need your help to reach the target of selling 1000 copies - just think of what your contribution will do for the restoration project.

Will you donate to help our valiant volunteers?

Over 50% of the Canal has already been restored, including many sections by volunteers. This means we can greatly reduce costs. But we still need money for materials and equipment plant hire. Our next target is to raise the money – some £300k – to rebuild Schoolhouse Bridge, Crickheath. This was demolished in the 1950s/60s and is the last road bridge obstructing the route back to Llanymynech at the Welsh border. See The Plan page for more details.

Will you help us by making a donation? Regular monthly or annual sums are preferred as we then know what our future income will be and so we can plan ahead. £5 a month….maybe more?

You can use the Appeal Leaflet or download a banker's order form. Alternatively, you can use the LocalGiving website

Please consider making use of Gift Aid. The Government encourages taxpayers to donate to charities by offering a 25% tax rebate which we can claim. So £20 cost to you is worth £25 to us.

A couple of recent donations came with messages:

"I enjoy walking the canal at Queens Head and Maesbury so am grateful to the volunteers and here's a small thank you."

"Alfie 10 and Freddie 8 held a 24 hour sponsored cake bake and then sold the 400 cakes they made although they may have eaten a few too" (The cakes were 50p each, so raised £200.)

How else you can help?

Maybe you can help us when we have a stand at an event? Or maybe organise a fund raising event. See the Get Involved page.

Celebrating a special day – donation

What presents would you like to receive if you are someone of a certain age? Why not tell your friends you'd like a donation to a favourite charity – and nominate us? You can also remind them that with Gift Aid their generosity will be worth 25% more.

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Leave a Legacy

As a charity, we rely a lot on voluntary donations to enable us to continue with the restoration of the Montgomery Canal. Some people choose to make a single donation. Others make regular monthly payments – which enable us to plan ahead knowing what our income will be.

Some people are kind enough to nominate the Montgomery Canal in their Will. Such sums can be substantial and can enable inheritance tax bills to be reduced. In a period when money from public sources is hard to get and when such funders have extra topics they want covered, legacies are especially valuable as they can be spent directly on restoration works. In some cases, legacies can help to provide the match funding which public funders often seek.

The Restoration has always had support from fantastic groups of volunteers. But we still need to pay for materials and the hire of equipment.

When making a Will, there are different types of gift you can make

If you consider making a gift in your Will, we recommend you speak to your solicitor or other advisers to ensure the wording is right so that your gift is used as you intend.

Further information can be obtained from – and gifts should be payable to

Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust (charity number 510488)
26 Bentley Drive
SY11 1TQ

Or email to

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